AWAKENING THE FORCE… To Save the Planet, Act Must We

Yes, there is evil in the galaxies. But often the Empire does your organizing for you out of stupidity.

When there is dash-cam video of an African-American teenager being killed by 16 shots from a white police officer, those in charge should watch it right away and act sooner than 13 months.

When you are the Party of Lincoln, you may not want your leading presidential candidate to call for eliminating freedom of religion by banning Muslims.

When you are an administrator of a Christian college, you should reconsider disciplining your tenured African-American professor for contesting fast-spreading hatred against Muslims by wearing a hijab and stating that we all worship the same God.

Thank God for Pope Francis declaring it the Year of Mercy. God knows we need it given this past year.

Yet, 195 nations have finally agreed to curb pollution. This 32-page document outlines how countries should reduce their emissions, adapt to climate impacts and finance the low-carbon economy over the coming decades. Carbon Brief has created an interactive graphic explaining all the fundamental components of the Paris deal.

It could have been a legally binding agreement but the Obama Administration knew they wouldn’t get Congressional approval. Republican majority leader Senator Mitch McConnell has already threatened that the Paris agreement is “subject to being shredded in 13 months” if Republicans win the White House.

Some deniers can no longer ignore the obvious. Six years after the Copenhagen summit in 2009 failed due to their lack of cooperation, China had to issue a red alert during the Paris negotiations instructing their people to stay indoors because the air was too polluted to be breathed. That would go over big time here.

Earth & AfricaKofi Annan, former secretary-general of the United Nations, wrote on December 22nd about the imperative of climate justice at the core of The Grassroots of Climate Change to assure “that the promised climate finance is sufficient to enable the least-developed countries to adapt to present and future climate change.” He stresses that the entire continent of Africa is at extreme risk.

Hildy Gottlieb, co-founder of Creating the Future, observed in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) on July 28, 2015:

“Looking back over the past century, however, the world has indeed experienced sweeping social change. Those successful efforts were led not by individual organizations, but by movements. What might be possible, therefore, if socially minded organizations and businesses acted more like movements than organizations? “

There will be a new US President elected in less than a year. Changing the conversation on climate change and engaging communities for justice on multiple fronts are New Year’s resolutions that not only need to be made but also honored.

Perhaps, 2016 will awaken a global movement that unites forces pledged to justice for all. As Yoda would advise: To Save the Planet, Act Must We.


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